5 of the Best Authentic Indian Dishes

There are hundreds of tasty and delicious meals to choose from when you go to an Indian restaurant. The choices can be overwhelming, and you might be confused about what is going to satisfy your tastebuds. So here are five of the most authentic Indian dishes for you to try next time.

The Most Authentic Dishes To Try At Your Calgary Indian Restaurant

  1. Butter Chicken
    A staple in Indian restaurants in Calgary, butter chicken is known for its creamy and spicy tastes. The process is simple enough: the chicken is cooked in tomato and butter gravy, giving you a creamy and spicy flavor. It’s a favorite amongst people.
  2. Samosas
    If you are looking for a crunchy and fried bite that gives your tongue a wave of flavor, this is the answer for you. Samosas can be filled with an array of different stuffings, including onions, peas, spicy potatoes, lentils, chicken and meat. A very traditional Indian dish, it is excellent as a full-on meal or as a snack. It tastes even better with mint or chutney sauce.
  3. Tandoori Chicken
    Known for its spiciest and yoghurt-filled mixture, tandoori chicken, is widely populated because of its simplicity and blend of flavors. The chicken is marinated in both yoghurt and a spice mixture, which can include cayenne pepper and even red chilli powder. It has a balanced creamy flavor with a kick of spice to it.
  4. Masala Dosa
    Masala Dosa is relatively simple to cook and tastes great. It is a crepe made with fermented rice and lentils, which is soaked in water for a few hours, before being stuffed with seasoned potato and an array of spices. A dish you have to try at Indian restaurants in Calgary, and widely popular at Indian buffets.
  5. Biriyani
    Can a rice dish have any more variations than biryani? When it comes to trying biryani, there are thousands of varieties out there for you to eat. It all depends on what the Calgary Indian restaurant is planning to serve in their place. You can get a mixture of rice, Indian spices, vegetables, eggs and meat, including chicken, beef and fish. The choice is yours.

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