How to Make The Most of an Indian Buffet

Heading out to enjoy dinner at a buffet is a treat, but how do you make the most of the experience? Stuffing yourself can make you feel terrible later, but you want to take advantage of the buffet by exploring the delicious options available. Here are some tips for how to make the most of a Calgary Indian buffet.

Start with Starters at an Indian Restaurant

It may sound like a waste to spend stomach space on things like soup, salad, and appetizers when there are so many other options available at an Indian buffet, but these dishes make a great warm up. The high water content makes them easy to digest and they help you ease into your meal. Plus, they are delicious!

Try Small Portions of Everything at an Indian Buffet

There’s no reason to load up your plate with your favourite food when you can go back as much as you. Instead, start with small portions of everything offered at the Calgary Indian buffet. This gives you great variety and a chance to discover new favourite dishes. Once you’ve sampled everything, you can get more of your favourites.

Savour Your Meal at a Calgary Indian Buffet

Don’t rush through the meal; instead, take time to enjoy it. Shovelling in food as quickly as possible can make you bloated or nauseated. Focus on enjoying what you eat at an Indian restaurant and take time between plates to let your food settle a bit.

Save Room for Dessert

An Indian restaurant offers delicious and tempting dessert options, so save a little room at the end of your meal for something sweet. This helps balance out the savoury food you ate during the meal.

An Indian buffet is a great way to enjoy a full meal and explore the delicious flavours of Indian cuisine.

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