10 Classic Indian Restaurant Dishes You Can Make At Home

Why not give your takeout delivery guy a break? Instead of ordering from a Calgary Indian restaurant, you can cook up some delightful Indian dishes right from the home.

#1: Aloo Tiki

Aloo Tiki, a delicious Indian potato fritter, can be used as a snack made from mashed potatoes and spices that form into patties.

#2: Mango Chutney

Most likely the most recognizable Indian chutney, you make this dish with vinegar, mangoes, spices and sugar. You can also make chutneys from other ingredients like tamarind and mint.

#3: Samosas

You could compare samosas as the Indian version of empanadas. People have always loved this as a favorite appetizer made with flaky pastries that envelop the filling with vegetables and potatoes.

#4: Raita

Raita is a good introduction to Indian cuisine. Not sure how spicy it will be? Raita uses a cooling cucumber mint yogurt sauce that has been dialed down.

#5: Momos

Momos classify as a simple Indian dumpling filled with spices and sauces.

#6: Pakora Bhaji

These are terms for vegetables that were deep fried and battered. Onion ranks for the most popular variety of pakora bhaji.

#7: Palak Paneer

If Popeye ate Indian cuisine, he’d probably eat Palak Paneer. This cooked spinach has a fresh white cheese and tastes amazing.

#8: Chana Dal

A dish made mostly of split chickpeas stewed in spices like turmeric, Dal often has legumes, kidney beans and lentils in it.

#9: Aloo Gobi

A tasty dish with cauliflower and potatoes, Aloo Gobi has been cooked with ginger, garlic and turmeric.

#10: Tandoori Chicken

Traditionally, tandoori chicken has always been roasted inside of a clay oven. It will be marinated in spices and yogurt overnight before going on a long skewer. It tastes delicious.

If you decide to cook it at, you might want to add these choices to your Indian food menu list. It tastes delicious and will give you the experience of India food culture.

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