The Ultimate Guide for Finding The Best Indian Restaurant in Calgary

Unforgettable meals with a couple of friends around the dinner table are a priceless gift, but it becomes even more fun when you eat cultural foods like Indian. When the hunger starts to kick in, how do you find a good Calgary Indian restaurant to appease the cravings?

Plan Ahead

Your trip to a tasty Indian buffet should come with knowledgeable preparation. You may even want to consider booking a culinary walking tour, which has grown popular in recent years, where you can sample several dishes to get a general taste for what your Indian food Calgary company has to offer.

Read Blogs from Local Food Bloggers

Fun and interesting research, you can read a couple of blog articles before setting out with your best pals. You can usually find a treasure chest of posts on local food from bloggers in the Calgary area, and some of them have probably eaten at different Indian buffet restaurants, and they’re willing to spill their secrets on the hidden gems of Indian dinner buffet Calgary companies. You might also read about it in regional magazines and newspapers that rank some of the best dining options.

Look for Authentic Indian Food

One general rule of thumb when seeking out a Calgary Indian restaurant is if you see vindaloo on the restaurant menu, you probably aren’t eating authentic Indian food. Vindaloo might taste wonderful, but you can’t find this dish in most of India. If it’s served, it should be spicy and have no potatoes in it. Another thing is that 80 percent of Indians are Hindu, and cows are considered sacred. This means you likely won’t find a lot of beef cuisine on a real menu.

With these tips in mind, you can find the best restaurant in Calgary with some of the most authentic Indian food. The thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be ignorant going into it and should always remain knowledgeable about the cuisine so that you know you’re getting the real experience of India.

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