Tips to Making The Perfect Indian Buffet at Home

An Indian buffet gives you plenty of delicious choices, but how do you find the perfect selection of food? Perhaps you don’t feel like visiting an Indian restaurant today. Here are some tips that you can use to cook the ideal cuisine at home.

Tip #1: Add a Few Drops of Oil to the Rice

If you want to prevent rice from becoming sticking during the cooking process, you might add a couple of drops of oil because it keeps it from becoming sticky.

Tip #2: Use the Excess Dal Water

Let’s say the India house buffet hours make it impossible to get Indian food at this time of the night. Instead, you can use the excess dal water from boiling dal so that you can make rasam. In addition, after you have boiled water, you can make use out of the liquid to use it for a gravy. You could also use it to make a chapatti dough.

Tip #3: Want to Peel Potatoes Easier?

When you boil eggs or potatoes, add a pinch of salt because this makes it easier to remove the skins later.

Tip #4: Planning Food for a Later Day?

If the Indian buffet in Calgary closes again, you could make ginger garlic paste in bulk for a later date and stash it in the fridge. You can do the same with green chilli paste. You store the extra in the fridge to save on cooking time.

You can also get India food information online. Along with tasting great, much of this food has a fascinating history. Making Indian food at home also has the convenience and fun of doing something new and exciting. You might even invite your friends over for a party. You can have a blast trying out the different types of foods.

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